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Oct 18, 2014
Minda KTSN participates for the first time in IZB Trade Show

From 14th to 16th October 2014 the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) will take place for the 8th time in Wolfsburg. Initiated by VW all important suppliers with prominent reputation in the Automotive Industry present their company and technologies. Minda KTSN has been chosen by the Trade Show organization to participate as well. Being proud to belong to one of the prestigious suppliers to the VW Group it goes without saying that Minda KTSN seeks to welcome many visitors at her booth in hall # 6. Along with many high-quality exhibitors of the Automotive market a large number of key decision-makers and trade visitors will attend the IZB to make it an important communication and business platform for the industry.

The IZB was first hosted in 2001 as a Volkswagen in-house trade fair with 128 exhibitors from six nations, which attracted 13,500 visitors. It has since established itself as a showcase event for the international automotive supplier industry. In 2012, the organizers of the seventh IZB recorded a total of 49,000 visitors to the fair held on the exhibition grounds of the Wolfsburg Allerpark, which has an overall area of 36,000 sqm. 776 exhibitors from 28 nations took advantage of the trade fair to showcase their products and innovations. The fair will be accompanied by an extensive program of events running throughout its three-day duration. Leading industry experts will be present at congresses, conferences and forums dealing with current and topical issues in the automotive market.

A  Team of three Minda KTSN experts headed by the Marketing Director, Mr. Malik will be available on all days to present the kinematic competency of the company. Visitors calling will be able meeting commercial and technical staff members of KTSN.

Aug 14, 2014
Saxonian Minister of Economy visits Minda KTSN in Pirna

Mr. Sven Morlok, current Minister of Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport in Saxonia and his Assistant Mr. Kai-Uwe Birkigt visited the office hub of the Minda Group in Pirna, Germany on 6th August 2014. He met with both Mr. Vinayak Hegde – Managing Director of Minda KTSN and the Management Team for a 2-hour briefing and plant tour. The Minister’s meeting with the company coincided with the acquisition of new orders which show business now at a ‘record level’ in Pirna.

The Management showed him the development of the company and he was interested and asked a lot of pertinent questions; he could see Minda KTSN offers value for money and how the prestigious customers recognize the quality. "It was an honour to greet the Minister of Economics Sven Morlok to our company,” says Vinayak Hegde. "Recently there has appeared all over our industry a new process that might be called a new drive to stay competitive. It becomes discernible also in Pirna, e.g. by exporting production to LCC sites,” he continues. Mr. Hegde added: “I think he was impressed at the competence of our company to supply the German OEM clients and how it can benefit the Saxonian market as a whole, from acquiring new business. Minda KTSN as an important employer in the Pirna region enjoys an excellent reputation”.

The Minister during the meeting studied the challenges to develop the production and include nearby industrial zones for the growth of the Minda KTSN business. He reported on intentions stated in the Industrial Policy to secure efficient business support programs and flexible conditions facilitating local companies.

At the end of the day the Minister followed the Minda corporation culture to plant a tree. The ceremony was cheered by many Minda KTSN staff members including the entire Management.

May 15, 2014
Minda KTSN – part of BMW’s redefining the urban mobility emission-free

With pride Minda KTSN has successfully managed to substitute structure steel parts for the new electric car. The BMW i3 with EfficientDynamics technology was launched in the market in November 2013. America, biggest market for the new car has seen the launch in May 2014.

The BMW i3 opens a new chapter for Minda KTSN, too: the company has developed a unique production facility to refine the structure parts. Mainly, the surface of the injection molded parts have to be flamed and primed with specific chemicals to subsequently allow assembly. As the passenger compartment of the car is characterized by the use of high-quality, sustainable materials such as carbon plastic parts introduced require a new process. The Engineering department of Minda KTSN with Mr. Micha Muschick and the Production Manager Mr. Andreas Lorenz both have collaborated with BMW engineers to set up a stable process. As a joint result they have developed a new production process to supply high quality JIS to the Leipzig plant of BMW.

Says Vinayak Hegde, Managing Director: “Our company will benefit in the future from the strive of all OEM’s to reduce the car weight. We expect more steel replacement of parts to come up. Our know how achieved is available for our customers who wish the priming technology to be applied.” At the end of the day the market dynamics have captured the Plastics Industry. Crafting a solution to Automotive customers belongs to the key success factors of Minda KTSN.

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