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Minda KTSN Plastic Solutions GmbH & Co.KG
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Commitment to Stakeholders
Demonstrate loyalty and dedication to the organization.

Passion for Excellence
Relentlessly improving and continuously raising the bar in everything we do.

Open Communication
Reasoning, Knowledge, Experience Sharing, confronting fearlessly for the good of the organization.

Integrity & Fairness
Fair and upright in intention and actions - always complying with conscience.

Nurture Talent, Competency & Willingness
Create challenging opportunities and provide support for development of self and team members. Encourage experimentation & willingness to accept challenges.

Respect & Humility
Must be Courteous, Compassionate, Caring, Humane and Humble in all our interpersonal dealings.

Innovation & Improvement Orientation
Challenge status quo. Demonstrate creativity for improvement and break through.

Leverages Interdependence, Cooperative, Readily provides support and assistance to others.

Take ownership for the consequences of ones decisions and actions.

Cross Cultural Diversity
Build a vibrant workforce with different ethnicity, cultural orientation with no prejudice due to sex / caste / creed / color and to cherish our diversity.


Core Values

  • Passion for Excellence
  • Nurture Talent, Competency & Willingness
  • Respect & Humility


Core Purpose

To be a happy, inspiring and proud place to work, setting benchmarks and delivering products that give customers an edge in their businesses.

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